Livestock & Red Meat

Fares Rural’s Focus


NADA at Fremantle

By combining livestock production with our existing export, transportation and complementary carbon sequestration capabilities, our focus is on:

  • Vertical integration into Food Security and Food Safety.
  • Purchasing farmland in Australia for sheep, cattle and grain production.
  • Producing red meat in Australia for export.
  • Maintaining an enviable standard of animal health and welfare.
  • Sea transport.
  • Incorporating environmental activities, which capitalise on the global need for removal of atmospheric carbon pollution.

Groundbreaking History

Over the last 30 years, Fares Rural has been at the forefront of innovation in the Rural Sector. A number of key successes have enabled us to meet the growing need for Food Security, including:

  • Pioneering the export of live sheep and cattle from Australia and New Zealand.
  • Developing and growing the Iranian livestock market from 500,000 head of live sheep per year, to a staggering 3,000,000; Fares Rural supplied over 90% of total imports into Iran.
  • Taking the Egyptian market from no imports to 200,000 head of live cattle per year; Fares Rural supplied 80% to 90% of Egypt’s total livestock imports.
  • Making a world first integrated livestock holding, feeding and abattoir operation in an Egyptian Port Free Trade Zone. This operation remains the benchmark in logistical and operational efficiency in the international livestock trade.
  • Facilitating the opening of the Mexican market for Australian livestock and remaining the sole supplier to Mexico and the USA (the latter through Mexico/North American Free Trade Agreement [”NAFTA”]) of live sheep and cattle until 2003.
  • Building the “M/V Nada”, which is recognised as the largest for cattle and the most efficient long haul sheep and cattle livestock carrier in the world. The “M/V Nada” continuously breaks records for livestock performance at sea while maintaining a particular focus on animal welfare.

Livestock Supply Cycle

The Fares Rural Strategy is to provide a complete livestock supply chain, from production to delivery at the international ports of our customers’ countries.

We aim to optimise our existing transport operations, extensive export markets, strong rural connections and environmental services through production of Australian red meat. To enable us to do this in the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner, we have:

  • Conducted three years of extensive research and fieldwork to identify the most suitable assets for a solid Food Security enterprise.
  • Farm and environmental activities staffed and managed by Fares Rural in Australia.
  • A reputable, best in class management team.
  • A proven commercial process with strong prospects for medium and long-term revenue growth.
  • Engaged consultants specialising in livestock and grain production, export and carbon sequestration to implement the completed feasibility study.
  • Identified suitable land that is available at realistic market values.
  • Based our production model on the enviable animal health and welfare status of Western Australia, due to legislation and industry practices.
  • An ability to produce significant numbers of livestock in an environment that is highly favourable for export.
  • Leveraged off favourable agricultural land values in Australia, as compared to almost all other jurisdictions.