Products & Services

Fares Rural is a full service provider to businesses seeking to reduce their carbon price liability through long-term fixed-price supply of compliant greenhouse gas emission offsets (ACCUs) and/or renewable biomass from environmental forestry activities throughout regional Australia.

Fares Rural can also supply carbon offsets to businesses wishing to offset their greenhouse gas emissions on a voluntary basis.

Fares Rural has developed an integrated agri-forestry model based on native eucalypt trees that can generate ACCUs at a cost and on a scale that is competitive with carbon reduction projects anywhere in the world.

Fares Rural is a hands-on business, and all employees are at the coal-face of agriculture, reforestation and carbon credit generation.

Fares Rural also works with grower groups to generate carbon credits from their own plantings, and with users of woody biomass from plantations.

Fares Rural can:

  • Supply carbon credits (Kyoto-ACCUs)
    • Our carbon credits will be eligible for the offsetting of carbon liabilities under the Clean Energy Act 2011.
    • Competitively priced, each of Fares Rural’s carbon credits are associated with real environmental and community improvements.
  • Carry out full reforestation projects
    • Rather than buy ACCUs when they are needed and being subject to market variability, emitters may opt to establish a “carbon credit factory” in the form of a Fares Rural carbon reforestation project. Lock in a portion of your carbon liability at a known cost.
  • Generate carbon credits from your forest
    • We are heavily involved in the detail of the Carbon Farming Initiative. We are able to carry out the extensive administrative and field-based steps involved in the generation of carbon credits from your forest.
  • Best-practice forest establishment techniques
    • Reforestation is expensive! No one can afford a failure, especially in low rainfall areas where the challenges can be highest. We carry out reforestation projects ourselves, and also help others avoid the traps and pitfalls.
  • Acquire land for reforestation
    • We have strong networks of landowners throughout southern Australia, and value the reciprocated respect we have with people we know and who know us.
  • Design and integrate forests into farming landscapes
    • Site suitability analysis, species selection and design to fit with agriculture and farmer’s wishes are all critical and fundamental elements in the early stages of a reforestation project.
  • Harvest-and-handle woody biomass
    • Species which are suitable for repeated harvest have been selected for our reforestation projects which are set up with the possibility of future harvest in mind.
    • Fares Rural is experienced in the production of biomass from planted forests in agricultural areas. We are able to supply biomass for your energy needs from our forests or other resources throughout rural Western Australia.