Fares Rural is an assembly of some very experienced and highly respected individuals in agriculture and the forestry industry. The Company has a long experience in forestry in Australia and three members of the staff and board have been involved in mallee plantings for over 20 years each.

    Mr Danny Fakhre


    Mr Fakhre is a successful business proprietor with diversified international interests. Amongst others, his interests range from real estate investments and development in Europe to the hospitality industry in the Caribbean. Mr. Fakhre has been a pioneer in the development of the global livestock long haul trade and transport industry since the early 1980’s. In addition to his long standing association exporting livestock from South America, he has had a long association with agriculture in Australia, especially Western Australia. His companies, including Fares Holdings, own rural properties in Western Australia and continue to be major global suppliers of livestock worldwide. Danny is confident about the future of livestock production in Australia and views the combination of traditional agricultural pursuits with forestry for carbon sequestration and renewable energy as a complimentary and sound diversification.

        Mr Robert (‘Mike’) Walter

        Director and Manager

        Mike has over 40 years of rural finance, merchandising and general agribusiness experience. Mike joined the Company in 2008 from Elders , where he had been the National and WA State Banking Manager for the previous 10 years. , Mike has held several other senior executive positions in the rural banking industry, most notably as the former General Manager Rural of Rabobank. Mike brings an extraordinary network of contacts and relationships from in and around the rural banking and wider agribusiness industries across Australia.

            Mr Donald (‘Ian’) Stanley


            Mr Stanley is a third generation farmer, who currently owns and operates a 25,000 ha wheat and sheep farm in Kalannie in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia. Ian’s father, the late Donald Stanley, is widely regarded as the founder of the oil mallee industry in Australia.
            Over the past 15 years, Ian has become the most widely recognised spokesperson for the integrated farm forestry industry in Australia. Ian’s experience in running a large broad acre farming enterprise with integrated mallee plantations led to his election as President and Chairman of the Oil Mallee Association of Australia (‘OMA’) in 2003.
            Ian is passionate about growing small rural communities through new industry and farming enterprises. He has been awarded both the State and National Landcare Awards for Individuals. Nominated for his work in landcare, Ian was one of only 80 people selected to run with the Olympic Torch in Australia for the Beijing Olympics.
            Ian currently serves as a Director of Kalannie Distillers, a local eucalyptus oil manufacturing enterprise and a Director of Rainbow Bee Eater, a company involved in ground breaking technology involving biochar and renewable energy.

                Mr Mike Kerkmans


                Mike brings a tremendous knowledge of dryland agriculture from over 25 years experience as a farmer in the North-Eastern Wheatbelt of Western Australia. Mike’s recognised expertise in dryland agriculture lead to his appointment as Farm Manager to a 20,000 hectare greenfield wheat project in the deserts of Saudi Arabia in 1983. Respected as a visionary and progressive thinker among West Australian farmers, Mike’s demonstrated ability to envision, design and communicate large projects lead to his election as President of the OMA in 2005.

                    Dr Daniel Wildy

                    Forestry, Science and Compliance Manager

                    PhD in Natural and Agricultural Sciences (UWA)

                    Thesis title “Growing mallee eucalypts as short rotation tree crops in the semi-arid wheatbelt of Western Australia”

                    Bachelor of Science (Botany major) with First Class Honours (UWA)

                    Dan is passionate about mallee eucalypts and is recognised within the rural and academic communities as one of the leading experts on mallees in Australia. Dan is responsible for the Company’s delivery of reforestation, carbon generation and eucalyptus oil business.

                        Ms Devinia Au

                        Land Administration Manager

                        Bachelor of Geomatic Engineering with Honours (University of Melbourne)

                        Bachelor of Information Systems (University of Melbourne)

                        Devinia joined the Fares Rural team in 2009 after working in the property and land development industries for the past 5 years. Devinia brings significant technical expertise in the fields of computer-aided drafting and design, land surveying and spatial analysis. Devinia is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the land administration function including plantation mapping and design, communication with relevant regulatory authorities, contracts administration and the registration of legal documentation.