Satisfying the Growing Demand for Livestock and Red Meat

Australia is recognised as the most reliable source of animal products, live and processed, in the world.

From this strong base, Fares Rural has been breaking ground in Australian livestock exports since the 1970s. Over the years, we have initiated and developed markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Mexico, USA, China and Russia, for the supply of healthy and disease-free sheep and cattle.

The continuing demand for red meat motivated us to increase our logistics capacity and operations to include the seaborne transportation of livestock in 2009. Today our vessel, “M/V Nada”, is recognised as the largest, for cattle, and most efficient long haul sheep and cattle livestock carrier in the world, complying with and surpassing Australian, American and European standards.

The production of sheep and cattle on Australian farms is the next step in the Fares Rural supply chain. Our objective is to maximise livestock production in the most efficient, cost effective and sustainable way, for international export and delivery.

Our commitment to sustainability continues to grow and give back to the environment, land and people. Working with investors, landholders, forest growers and owners, government and scientific bodies, we carry out world-leading reforestation, integrated with agricultural production. Kyoto-compliant Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) are being generated from these reforestation activities.

Fares Rural is well positioned to meet the growing worldwide demand for sustainable red meat through our unique blend of products and services.